Kevin Schindler

Historian, Writer, Lecturer

What man is more fortunate than he whose life work is his recreation?  So wrote eminent physicist Albert Abraham Michelson in a guest register during his 1905 visit to Lowell Observatory in Arizona. This parallels a sentiment that I've held for years: Create a path in life that allows you to turn your passion into a career.  Most of us have to earn a living, so why not do something you love?


My background is in paleontology but for the past 2 1/2 decades I've worked at Lowell Observatory.  During most of that time I was in the education & outreach department but I now serve as the observatory's historian, documenting and sharing the stories of our important scientists--past and present--and their remarkable research.  


I also write for several publications on an assortment of topics, especially various aspects of science, history, and baseball. In both my writings and presentations, I enjoy making connections between these disciplines.


I take a lot of pleasure in writing and giving programs, but also love the immersive research and exploration that goes into learning about the subject matter.  My life work is truly my recreaton, and I am happy to share it here.

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