Here are links to a selection of articles I've written or co-written in recent years:



Lowell Observatory Turns 125 Astronomy Magazine, February 2020


Only a Handful of Women are Immortalized on the Moon: Who were They?Discover, October 7, 2019


NAU Film Series: 'First Man' a Giant Leap Arizona Daily Sun, September 20, 2019


A planetary moon with a Hollywood pedigree Arizona Daily Sun, January 16, 2016


PlutoTown, USA: Where Pluto is, and always will be, a planet Astronomy Magazine blog, June 25, 2015


Naming Pluto: Strange suggestions for a "dark, gloomy planet" Astronomy Magazine blog, May 22, 2015


Teachers Flying High in NASA’s Air Observatory Flagstaff Business News, November, 2015


Lowell historian preps for NASA flight Arizona Daily Sun, September 15, 2015


Astronomers Discover Bizarre Hybrid Star Flagstaff Business News, July, 2014



One Man's Passon for Hockey Impacts Generations of Young People Flagstaff Business News, October 2019


2017 World Series Blog: Game 3 Arizona Daily Sun blog, October 28, 2017


Warner's Implausible Path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Arizona Daily Sun, August 6, 2017


Kurt Warner Receives Gold Jacket at Pro Football Hall of Fame Arizona Daily Sun, August 5, 2017


A Flagstaff Fan at the Fall Classic: Dispatch #10 -- Heading Home Arizona Daily Sun blog, November 4, 2016


Northern Arizona Suns Moving to Prescott Valley Quad Cities Business News, May, 2016


Behind the scenes during All-Star Week in San Diego Arizona Daily Sun blog, July, 2015


Hatcher Shares Baseball’s Life Lessons Flagstaff Business News, May, 2016


First Diamondback Inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame Flagstaff Business News, August, 2015


Randy Johnson thanks supporters from start to finish in induction speech Arizona Daily Sun, July 28, 2015




Technology Keeps Photographers Shifting Focus Flagstaff Business News, December, 2015


Guarding Against Skin Cancer in Arizona’s High Country Quad Cities Business News, June, 2015


Walnut Canyon National Monument Celebrating 100 Years Flagstaff Business News, April, 2015


Snowbowl, FMC Making Room on the Slopes for all Abilities Flagstaff Business News, March, 2015


New Museum Director Carrie Heinonen Focusing on Science, Colorado Plateau Flagstaff Business News, January, 2015

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